Student Stories

Dylan Marshall

Morocco, Middle East

Al Akhawayn University

I have the privilege to be studying at Al Akhawayn University this semester in the Atlas Mountain Region of Morocco. During my time in community college and at the University at Albany, I have participated in several programs abroad. My initial trip was a summer semester in Paris where I learned about French Grammar and … Continued

Chante Mayers-Barbot

South Africa, Africa

Fulbright Grantee

As a University at Albany junior completing a semester abroad, Chante Mayers-Barbot fell in love with South Africa. Thanks to a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) scholarship, she returned to spend nearly a full year as a United States cultural ambassador – an opportunity that allowed her to immerse herself in the country’s way of … Continued

David Crawford Jones

Namibia, Africa

National Archives of Namibia

David Crawford Jones (SUNY Albany, History MA 2007, PhD 2014) conducted ten months of research in Namibia in 2009 on a Fulbright grant. Working in the National Archives of Namibia in Windhoek while conducting oral interviews throughout the country, David collected histories of crime and punishment in twentieth century Namibia, when the country was colonized … Continued

Timothy Smith

Guatemala, Central America

Indigenous Municipal Government of Solola

Dr. Timothy Smith was a Fulbright Grant recipient for 2000-2001 (Guatemala). Over the course of the year, he worked with the Indigenous Municipal Government of Solola and with various indigenous NGO’s that culminated in the first bilingual social science text produced in both Kaqchikel Mayan and Spanish. After returning from his Fulbright year, he spent … Continued

Miguel Astor-Aguilera

Mexico, North America

Fulbright Grantee

Miguel Astor-Aguilera (Anthropology 2004 Ph.D. University at Albany/SUNY) is an Arizona State University Associate Professor of Religious Studies/Director of Graduate Studies whose scholarship concentrates on ethnography, material culture, archaeology, and socio-religious theory. He was awarded a 2001–2002 Fulbright Dissertation Research Grant to conduct ethnographic research in Quintana Roo, Mexico. His Fulbright sponsored research focused on … Continued

Emily Finnegan

India, Asia


This past summer, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to live, study, and work with international students from all over the world in Bangalore, India. The program, WE BUILD 2011, was sponsored by the Indian non-profit Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (GCSD) and centered around this idea of what it means to be a … Continued

Melissa Newkirk

South Korea, Asia

Yonsei University

For me, one of the most exciting prospects of transferring to university from community college was the chance to do a study abroad. During the first weeks of my first semester, a study abroad coordinator came to talk to my class about the benefits of doing an exchange and really put the seed into my … Continued

Frank Le

Japan, Asia

Critical Language Scholarship

The Critical Language Scholarship, or CLS, is a scholarship program that is sponsored by the government to promote intensive learning of critical languages. It is fully-funded by the government (including airfare, room and board) and takes place during the summer. A program like this is very convenient for busy people majoring in fields that require … Continued

Mike Bresnahan

Ireland, Europe

National University of Ireland, Galway

I was incredibly excited when I started thinking about going to Ireland (and the rest of Europe) for a full semester, and despite the minor annoyance of paperwork, I finished it all and got ready for my semester abroad. Going back to school about 15 days early was discouraging at first, but once again, it … Continued

Gina Geffrard

England, Europe

Foundation for International Education Program

“Seeing as this is my last summer as an undergraduate, I wanted to do something big, something that would benefit me immensely for the future, change my life, and expose me to things I would not be able to see and do in Albany or even New York City. So I decided that I wanted … Continued