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Miguel Astor-Aguilera, Mexico

Miguel Astor-Aguilera

Mexico, North America

Fulbright Grantee

Miguel Astor-Aguilera (Anthropology 2004 Ph.D. University at Albany/SUNY) is an Arizona State University Associate Professor of Religious Studies/Director of Graduate Studies whose scholarship concentrates on ethnography, material culture, archaeology, and socio-religious theory.

He was awarded a 2001–2002 Fulbright Dissertation Research Grant to conduct ethnographic research in Quintana Roo, Mexico. His Fulbright sponsored research focused on Mesoamerican ontologies and their historical traditions, that is, pre-Columbian, colonial, and contemporary. His current work, continued from his Fulbright initial focus, concentrates on Maya ritual specialists in the Yucatán peninsula and their ecological environment.