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International Exchange Students

International Students in the Classroom

You may notice international exchange and visiting students in your classes. These students are here on a short-term basis, often for a semester or academic year, as part of our many exchange partnerships with academic institutions abroad. International students are a valuable resource in the classroom, for both the professor and the domestic students. They can provide valuable insight into discussion topics and their cultural perspectives can accentuate daily learning.

Do feel free to reach out to these students, as many come from academic structures that do not facilitate the close interactions of faculty to students that is famed at U.S. institutions. Also, keep in mind that their home country systems of education may differ from that of the U.S.  You may find that students do not speak up in class, or may write papers with a format and tone different from what you expect. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet with them to discuss such academic differences and expectations in your class. Of course, if you find a student is struggling, either with academics or perhaps personally, please reach out to the Education Abroad office as we maintain close connections with them throughout their time at UAlbany.

UAlbany Course Registration and Special Permissions

International exchange and visiting students do not have access to registration during the same time that domestic students do. At times, they may need a permission number to enroll in your course. In some instances, they blocked from registering for a class due to pre-requisites associated with a course. Often, they may already have the necessary pre-requisites, taken at their home institution. The student may reach out to you with a copy of their official transcript to discuss their qualifications and to request a permission number. If you have questions, Jacqueline Ledermann in the Education Abroad office, can assist with this process.