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Term Bill and Account Payment

Viewing Your UAlbany Term Bill

UAlbany Students

All amounts payable to UAlbany will be billed in mid-December for winter session and spring programs OR in mid-May for summer programs OR in mid-July for fall and academic year programs.

UAlbany uses an electronic billing and information system known as e-pay. ONLY non-UAlbany students will be mailed a paper bill to the student’s permanent address listed on the initial application. UAlbany students will not receive a paper bill in the mail. Instead, if you are a UAlbany student, you must check your email address for billing notices or log on to your e-pay account, per the normal procedure required of on-campus students.

Compare your bill(s) with your Estimate of Costs. If you find any outstanding charges on your account which do not appear on the Estimate of Costs for your program, please contact the UAlbany Education Abroad office.

Invoices are normally not issued (and therefore cannot be viewed or paid) until mid-December for winter session and spring programs OR mid-May for summer programs OR mid-July for fall and academic year programs.

Non-UAlbany Students

  1. After receiving notification of your acceptance/recommendation into your education abroad program, you must pay your non-refundable deposit online via the link accessible through your online education abroad application account.
  2. UAlbany’s ITS department will email your temporary PIN to the email address that you provided in your on-line education abroad application.*
  3. When available, your UAlbany ID number (usually begins with 001) will appear in the ‘Profile’ section of your UAlbany online education abroad account.

Please note, for security purposes, the Education Abroad office cannot obtain your PIN number for you. Please contact the UAlbany ITS department directly if you have any problems obtaining or using your PIN.

Once you have your UAlbany ID and temporary PIN, go to and click on ‘myualbany‘ at the top of the page. Next:

  1. Click on ‘password set/reset’.
  2. Enter only your UAlbany ID, date of birth, and PIN. *Do not enter your Social Security number!!*
  3. Create your security question and complex password, as directed.
  4. A confirmation page will be generated with your UAlbany NET ID

With your UAlbany net ID and the password you created, you can log into both your myualbany account and your e-pay account at any time to view your bill and make payments. You will also be assigned an email address to which billing notices will be sent. ALL students are responsible for checking their email accounts regularly. Go to to log into your email (click on the top icon for ‘UAlbany Mail’).

Compare your bill(s) with your Estimate of Costs. If you find any outstanding charges on your account which do not appear on the Estimate of Costs for your program, please contact the UAlbany Education Abroad office. If you expect to receive financial aid, make arrangements with your home campus to have your aid sent to UAlbany as soon as possible.

Paying Your UAlbany Term Bill

UAlbany students and non-SUNY students will be billed for all amounts listed on the Estimate of Costs by UAlbany’s Office of Student Accounts through e-pay EXCEPT the amounts listed under ‘Other Projected Expenses’. Students attending other 4-year SUNY schools will get two bills: one from their home SUNY campus for tuition and the university fee and another from UAlbany for all other study abroad charges listed above.  Therefore, students from other SUNY campuses participating in UAlbany options abroad should expect to receive and pay their bill for SUNY tuition, the university fee, and any other mandatory campus fees from their HOME SUNY campus in addition to the invoice from UAlbany for study abroad related charges.

Payment of E-Bills

Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted on epay.

Credit Card Payments Are Not Accepted Over the Telephone or by Mail

To pay online, you will need:

  • Your UAlbany Net ID and Password (from the UAlbany ITS Department)
  • If paying from your checking or savings account, you will also need your bank’s routing number and your account number and your UAlbany ID

For specific information regarding payment policies, please visit:

if you have questions about paying on-line, please call the Student Financial Center at 518.442.3202 or email the Student Financial Center at

Mail a Check

Mail your check with a copy of the invoice to the following address:

University at Albany
State University of New York
G-26 Bursar’s Office
Albany, NY  12222

You must include a copy of your E-bill if paying by mail. Please make sure your UAlbany student ID # is clearly printed on the payment.  If a copy of your invoice is not included, your payment may not be applied to your account, possibly resulting in delays and late fees.

Save time and effort by using UAlbany’s on-line payment option at: You can view, pay, and set up others as authorized users to view and pay invoices.

E-Payment Plan

To help students and families meet the costs of education, UAlbany offers the E-Payment Plan, a four-installment payment plan that allows enrollees to pay semester charges in four monthly payments.  A two-installment payment plan is available for the summer term.

Non-UAlbany Students Using Financial Aid

If you plan on paying for part or all of your invoices with financial aid (loans, etc.), you must inform the financial aid office at your home institution that you will be participating in a UAlbany education abroad program.  Since your aid may be processed while you are away, you must provide your home campus with copies of your invoices and authorize them to make payments on your behalf before your departure so that your school can forward your aid. Consider giving your parents Power of Attorney for this purpose.

Should you receive a financial aid refund from your home school, make sure all your program invoices have been paid in full before you spend the money! If your invoices have not been paid in full, a hold will be placed on your records at UAlbany which will prevent the release of your official transcript.