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I'm valuable to my employer!

I am a global citizen; I feel like I can understand things on an international scale since I went abroad. Future employers will love that!

UAlbany graduate, Germany

My courses counted!

I wanted to witness and experience what I was learning in my classroom. I fit study abroad into my academic plan by thinking ahead, talking to my advisors, and by going to a school that allowed me to take classes that counted towards my degree requirements.

Junior, UAlbany in Madrid

I will graduate on time!

I figured out how many 300+ level classes I needed to take in order to graduate on time, and tried to make that work. There were some challenges because I studied abroad during my last semester of college. I surmounted these challenges by working with advisors and submitting a proposal to a committee, and proving the worth and value of my studying abroad.

Graduating Senior, South Africa

I learned Spanish!

I learned a new language and culture, which I wouldn’t have learned without living in Spain with a host mom. It taught me about patience and working hard to learn something completely new!

Sophomore, UAlbany in Madrid

I'm so glad I went!

So far, my study abroad experience has been the highlight of my college experience, without a doubt! I can’t believe that I almost didn’t go!

Sophomore, England


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