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Preparing to Return

Ensuring a Smooth Reentry Experience

To assist in your transition back to the U.S., it is important that you take the time to say good-bye to your host country and the people you have met during your study abroad experience, along with taking care of logistical details so your return home will be smooth.

Before You Leave

  • Make a wish list of all the things you want to do/accomplish before you leave. Do them!
  • Make a list of the people you want to stay in contact with and gather their contact information. These are great people to reach out to as you work through re-entry adjustment along with internationally connected people at UAlbany.
  • Take pictures of your favorite people, places, foods, etc. Pictures of everyday people and places you will not see any more may be the most precious and best way to explain to others how life was abroad. In addition, we would like to see your photos! Use the #GreatDanesAbroad and #UAlbanyAbroad for pictures to be features on our website and enter a photo contest.
  • Settle any financial issues. This includes checking in with the Office of Financial Aid to make sure you have done all you need to if you plan to receive financial aid your semester of return.
  • Communicate with friends and family at home your feelings about returning home and what to expect as you go through cultural adjustment again upon return. Be conscious of making judgments and being overly critical of home.
  • Confirm your move-out date in your host country accommodations. Confirm your housing upon return to campus.
  • Confirm your return flight. Check with the airline regarding weigh/size regulations and the costs for overweight or additional bags.
  • Set aside time to say good-bye to your friends, your support on-site, your school and your city. These encounters may help you put into words what your experience has meant to you personally, academically, and professionally.


The process and registration dates/times are the same as if you were still on campus. Be sure to check your university email account regularly while abroad to ensure that you do not miss any important information or deadlines about registration. You are fully responsible for your course selections and ensuring that you register during the assigned enrollment appointment. If you are a UAlbany student, it is also your responsibility to reach out to your academic advisor via email, well ahead of time, to receive your AVN number, needed for registration.

More information regarding registering for your courses upon return are available under Academics.

Other SUNY or Non-SUNY Students

If you are not a UAlbany student, check with your home campus about how to register for your first semester after you return from abroad.


Returning UAlbany students can download the forms necessary to apply for on-campus housing on the Department of Residential Life web page. Review the Housing Sign-Up application procedures (including the online application for dormitory and apartment style-residences), deadlines, and epay deposit payment instructions.

Application Timeline

  • If you are returning for the spring semester, start the on-campus housing process in early October.
  • If you are returning for fall semester, the application process opens in mid-February.

If you have questions regarding on-campus housing, please contact the Department of Residential Life directly.

Other SUNY or Non-SUNY Students

If you are a student from another SUNY or Non-SUNY school, check with the housing office at your home campus regarding housing procedures and deadlines.