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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty Led Program Development

The information below is valid through Academic Year 2022-23, including Summer 2023.

As compared to exchange and study abroad with partner universities/programs, faculty led programs abroad can expose the University to a higher level of risk (financial, legal, health/safety, etc.). To mitigate risk and due to resource challenges in CIEGS, UAlbany faculty led programs will remain “on pause” during the Academic Year 2022/23 and Summer 2023 except in extenuating circumstances where the faculty leaders have full support overseas, the destination is not “high risk” per UAlbany’s student international travel policy, and an academic department/unit can take responsibility for the following:

  • Financial – budgeting, itemized cost estimation
  • Contracting and bill payment to vendors/providers associated with the program
  • Student billing – charges added to e-pay
  • Logistical planning and arrangements – transportation, lodging, meals, excursions/activities, classroom space, etc.
  • Recruitment – building a webpage, creating flyers, promoting the program to students across campus
  • Application management/student advisement – communicating with applicants, providing support through the application process, review of applications, and selection of candidates
  • Risk management – petitioning SUNY System Administration and obtaining approval from UAlbany ERM to offer the program, HR process to appoint faculty leader(s), training of faculty leaders, monitoring health & safety prior to departure and during the program, and responding to/managing any emergencies

The Education Abroad office, as part of the Center for International Education and Global Strategy, will serve in a consultative role for any proposed UAlbany faculty led programming abroad while focusing on administering partner university programs and re-building a “culture” of study abroad at UAlbany.

Proposing a Program


Faculty are expected to plan for an overseas course offering at least 18 months in advance of when the program will occur. Below is the ideal timeline to use during your planning and preparations. Deviating greatly from this timeline will hinder student recruitment efforts, perhaps resulting in cancellation of the program.

Sample Program Planning Timeline

This sample timeline is for a proposed summer faculty-led program (please adjust accordingly for winter session or spring break programs). This timeline assumes an application deadline date of March 1st and departure date of May 15th.  Winter programs have an application deadline of October 15th and Spring Break programs have application deadlines between November 1st – January 15th.

March–May (A year before)

  • Develop an initial itinerary
  • Develop a preliminary budget
  • Complete proposal and syllabus


  • Submit proposal and syllabus to Academic Department and Education Abroad for review and approval
  • Finalize program budget
  • With Education Abroad, develop draft flyers, brochures, and posters for program (cannot be distributed until approved!, and develop draft website for program

Late August-early September

  • Make any necessary changes to the proposal, if applicable. Resubmit to Academic Department and Education Abroad for final approval, if applicable
  • Finalize program marketing materials and website information. Decide on application items and procedures with Education Abroad
  • Begin marketing if proposal is approved and budget is finalized (flyers, website, email list, class visits, info sessions, etc.)
  • Attend Education Abroad Fair


  • Recruit students, conduct info sessions and class visits
  • Encourage students to complete applications

Conducting a Program

Congratulations! Your program has been approved, your students have been recruited, and you are now preparing to begin your short-term program abroad. In short, you are now a Faculty Leader of a short-term UAlbany program abroad. Now, what does this mean?

At its most basic level, being a Faculty Leader means that you administer a program overseas and act as the UAlbany representative to the student participants, host school faculty and staff, and vendors locally.