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General Advisement

Academic Considerations

You are subject to all of the academic standards and regulations of the university where you are taking classes. Attendance and assignment requirements and grading criteria are determined entirely by the host university. Regular class attendance is important and expected. Be sure to meet with your academic advisor early on to discuss your education abroad plans, especially if you are going abroad for a semester or longer. Good discussion points for this advising session include:

  • When is the best term to go abroad?
  • What courses in your degree can be taken abroad?

Some departments may have specific recommendations on when you should go abroad, and which courses may be best to take, depending on your major(s) and minor(s). It is always your responsibility to meet with your Academic Advisor(s) and review your Major Academic Pathway (MAP) early on to ensure that you are staying on track towards graduation. You can also take a look at the Global Distinction major MAPs to see an abridged list of suggested universities and courses to offering your major abroad.

Required Grade Point Average for Participation

You must be in “good academic standing” and not on academic or social probation to participate in an education abroad program. In addition, you must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher prior to application.  If your acceptance to a program depended upon your grades, you must submit a copy of your grades from the current semester for review and approval prior to the start of the program.

Individual programs may have a specific G.P.A. requirement. Be sure to check the individual programs for details.

Planning for Teaching and Professional Programs

Student Teaching

If you are enrolled in a teacher education program, try to make arrangements for your student teaching assignment before you go abroad. Contact the Department of Literacy, Teaching, and Learning early in your planning process.

Pre-Med, Pre-Law, and Other Professional Program Students

Contact the appropriate pre-professional departments to learn of the proper procedures and deadlines for paperwork, exams, and interviews. Many professional exams can be administered overseas, though proper arrangements must be made in advance.