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Staying Informed

Information Your Student Provides

In addition to the all-important question, “How much will it cost?,” ask your student questions about why a particular program was chosen and what personal and academic goals your student has for the time abroad. Getting clear about why your student is choosing to participate in the first place will help your student stick to the plan in order to reach designated goals.

The education abroad office at the SUNY administering the program provides accepted/recommended students an estimate of costs for the intended program abroad. In addition, your student should have information about housing options abroad, any visa requirements (if applicable), the dates of the program, and emergency contact information.

Expectations We Have Of You, As Family

UAlbany communicates directly with participants on all aspects of UAlbany-administered education abroad programs. However, we recognize and appreciate the value of a supportive family in encouraging a student to research and apply for an education abroad program. Your student may have questions or need reassurance from family as the student proceeds through the application and preparation process. Your student is choosing between hundreds of destinations and programs worldwide. When selecting a program, there are typically several questions students ask themselves. Where? For which term and for how long? Will classes taken abroad count towards my degree? Where can I live? What can I afford? What level of cultural immersion am I prepared for?

The best thing you can you do for your student is to assist them in identifying these and other questions. Your student should then work with their home campus education abroad advisor, academic advisor, and the UAlbany education abroad office to address these questions. We are happy to provide you with all the information we can, but we are certain you agree how important it is for your student to begin building the skills necessary to succeed abroad by establishing independence and self-reliance right from the start; by asking their own questions, completing necessary paperwork, researching information, and more. Our goal at the education abroad office at UAlbany is to equip you, the family, with information that is easily accessible to your student as well.