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Registering At Your Home University

The Registration Process

The process and registration dates/times are the same as if you were still on campus. Be sure to check your university email account regularly while abroad to ensure that you do not miss any important information or deadlines about registration. You are fully responsible for your course selections and ensuring that you register during the assigned enrollment appointment. If you are a UAlbany student, it is also your responsibility to reach out to your academic advisor via email, well ahead of time, to receive your AVN number, needed for registration.

If you are not a UAlbany student, check with your home campus about how to register for your first semester back at your home campus.


Each semester, you are issued a new AVN (Advisor Verification Number) for registration purposes. To advance-register, you need your AVN for the coming semester. Obtain your AVN from your academic adviser by email.

  • For summer and fall registration, AVNs are available by March.
  • For winter and spring registration, AVNs are available in late September.

Even before you receive your AVN, you can plan your schedule by viewing the Schedule of Classes.

Once you have your AVN and the Schedule of Classes, you can choose courses and register online. You must register yourself for the courses that you wish to take via your MyUAlbany student account.

Registration Steps
  1. Email your academic advisor to ask for your AVN. You should meet with your advisor before you go away, and/or correspond with him or her while overseas, to discuss your course preferences.
  2. Log into your MyUAlbany student account, select Academics, then Enter My AVN, and then enter your AVN.
  3. Verify that you do not have any holds that will prevent you from enrolling. Resolve any holds by contacting the office listed in connection with the hold and act quickly to remedy the situation.
  4. Enroll and Add/Drop courses, once your Enrollment Appointment opens

Please be mindful of the difference in time zones when registering for courses during your scheduled Enrollment Appointment.

Registration Holds

If you have any unpaid charges from your education abroad program, and you do not arrange to have them paid in full, you may not be able to register for the next term. Additionally, a hold will be placed on your account at UAlbany and/or at your home campus.