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Registering for a Program Abroad

The Registration Process

You must be registered for your education abroad program before you depart. Please note, If you earned more credits than you have actually paid for on any program, you will be billed for the cost of the additional credits. If you have not completed the minimum number of credits required by your program, or if you failed a class, you will not receive a tuition refund.


Regardless of which institution operates your program abroad, you will be registered TWICE.

First, you must be registered for your program abroad by the Education Abroad office. We will register you for 15 placeholder credits unless otherwise indicated by your specific program. When your actual credits from overseas are processed the number of credits is adjusted to match your actual credit load from abroad.

Second, you must register with the Host University or program for the courses you will take while abroad.  Depending on the program, registration may take place before you leave or after your arrival overseas. If you are participating in a UAlbany faculty-led program, the Education Abroad office will also take care of the second step on your behalf.

Pro tip: If are unsure about whether you will go abroad at the time of early registration at UAlbany or your home campus, you should register for on-campus courses and then follow the drop-add procedures once you are certain you will go abroad.


You must report to the Education Abroad office at your home SUNY campus to follow the appropriate registration processes.


You will be registered at UAlbany by the Education Abroad office. UAlbany will arrange for you to be admitted and registered at UAlbany as a non-matriculated undergraduate student for the duration of the program. You must complete all portions of the “Application for Undergraduate Admission to a University at Albany Sponsored Study Abroad Program as a Non-Matriculated Student” that you will find as part of your online education abroad application and submit it to the Education Abroad office at UAlbany. Your campus official’s signature on the back of the form is important: it is your guarantee from your home campus that your credits will be accepted. You should also contact your academic advisor and the education abroad office at your home campus for information about any leave of absence and transfer of credit procedures that may apply.


Contact your academic advisor and the Undergraduate Dean’s Office for information about a Leave for Approved Study and transfer credit procedures. For summer programs, you must follow the transfer credit procedures, but you do not need to apply for a leave of approved study.

Registering for Exact Classes

Register for individual courses according to the rules of your specific education abroad program. Depending on your program, you may register for your courses prior to arrival or you may not register until after you arrive at your host institution. Your post-acceptance materials provide you with program-specific instructions.


UAlbany students accepted to an education abroad program for the academic year will automatically be registered by UAlbany for the second semester of study. Other SUNY students will be automatically registered at their home campus for the second semester of study; it is a good idea to confirm your registration status with your home campus.


If you originally applied for only one semester abroad and want to extend your stay for a second term, you must obtain permission from the SUNY campus that administers your program and from the host institution. If you receive permission to extend your stay, make sure that your home campus knows so they can update your registration. Please note, the Education Abroad office can only make changes in your academic registration. If you decide to extend your study period from one semester to a full year, you must take full responsibility for notifying the Department of Residential Life, your academic adviser, financial aid, and any other relevant parties of your plans.

Registration Holds

If you have any holds at your home campus, we will not be able to register you for your education abroad program. If you have any holds added while you are abroad, we will not be able to register you for the second semester you are away. Therefore, be certain that all your library books have been returned and that you have no outstanding bills or fines of any kind before you depart. If we cannot register you, you cannot participate in your education abroad program and your financial aid may be canceled.