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Dylan Marshall, Morocco

Dylan Marshall

Morocco, Middle East

Al Akhawayn University

I have the privilege to be studying at Al Akhawayn University this semester in the Atlas Mountain Region of Morocco. During my time in community college and at the University at Albany, I have participated in several programs abroad. My initial trip was a summer semester in Paris where I learned about French Grammar and Global Society. I then visited Central America to participate in a service-learning trip in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 2018 brought me to Israel, where I learned about all aspects of Israeli culture, government, and military in a summer excursion. Finally, in Morocco, I am partaking in courses relating to language, globalization, and North African studies. These experiences have been tremendously beneficial in my growth and development as a student. The advantages of international education are unparalleled. Seeking educational opportunities abroad strengthens your global awareness and social competence. The Albany International Representatives program (AIRS) is a necessary component to education abroad. AIRS recruit past education abroad participants who provide students with a credible, experienced, and authentic perspective. I know first handedly that an international perspective is crucial in today’s expanding global world. As a student currently abroad, I value the exposure to new cultures and societies and seek different experiences in my host country. My hope is that my experiences motivate those around me to get out of their comfort zone and live a life a courageousness.