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  • Taipei City, Taiwan
Chiang Kai Shek Taiwan
Chiang Kai Shek Taiwan
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Experience the unique city of Taipei, Taiwan. Enjoy this historic city that preserves its Taoist temples and commemorates many centuries of history. Experience the modern charming oddities that attract visitors and make the city famous. Benefit from the city’s mass transportation system that was rated as one of the top five most accessible cities in the world. Take in the sights and sounds of Taiwan at National Central University in Taipei.

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National Central University


  • Taipei City

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  • Chinese
  • English

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Program Details

Academic Program

National Central University (NCU) offers a wide range of courses for undergraduate students. NCU is known for its internationally-recognized science programs, so this is the perfect option for STEM majors.

Course Descriptions and Syllabi

National Central University offers a wide range of English-taught courses for undergraduate students.

In addition to the courses taught in English, you will have the option of taking a Chinese language course at your appropriate level. 

If you are fluent in Chinese, you can enroll in the regular university courses that are taught in Chinese. 

Review National Central University’s website for more information regarding course offerings

General Education Information for UAlbany Students

Credits earned on this program will automatically satisfy the International Perspectives requirement. Three credits of foreign language study will satisfy the Foreign Language requirement. No additional approval is required for you to earn these general elective credits.

Major/Minor Information for UAlbany Students

Courses may also satisfy major and minor requirements, upon approval by the department.


All courses taken abroad count towards UAlbany General Elective credits. Credits and grades will appear on your UAlbany transcript. You may file a request to have additional courses approved for equivalency as necessary. 


You can apply to live in one of National Central University’s on-campus dorms. Taiwanese students and exchange/international students live in the same buildings. Space is very limited, and will be assigned via a lottery system. You may also choose to make your own off-campus living arrangements.

Each dorm includes desks, closets, lofted beds, chairs, air conditioning, and a fan. Four students share each room. Some of the dorms have community bathrooms on each floor, while others have private bathrooms. There is also a kitchen in each dorm. The kitchen includes a rice cooker, microwave and a refrigerator.


There is no meal plan for this program. You may choose to purchase meals in the cafeteria, cook, or eat out at local restaurants.

Academic Year 2018/19

Estimate of Costs

The Academic Year 2018/19 Estimate of Costs forthcoming.

More Information

Click for more information on Program Costs and Financial Aid.

Remember to speak with the Office of Financial Aid at your home campus to determine how your aid package could apply towards your program abroad.

Academic Requirements

Juniors, seniors and exceptional sophomores in all majors with at least a 2.6 GPA are eligible to apply. If you want to apply to take courses in the Department of Business Administration, you must have at least a 3.0 GPA. The GPA requirements are very strict.

Prior knowledge of Chinese is not required.

Experiential Learning

The Student Ambassadors at National Central University arrange an optional 2-day cultural trip in which you can participate. You may also enjoy other tourist attractions off campus, on your own.

Student Clubs and Organizations

There are a host of clubs and organizations on campus that may occasionally arrange field trips. You are welcome to join any club at National Central University.

Funding Opportunities

Most financial aid and academic awards will apply to semester programs.

External scholarships, listed on our website, are a good way to partially fund your study abroad experience. In addition, the Center for International Education and Global Strategy offers two scholarship programs for UAlbany students studying abroad on UAlbany or 4-year SUNY programs.

More information on applying to these scholarships is located on the Scholarships web page.

Program Advisor

Huckleby, Carmeisha

About the City

National Central University is located in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Taipei is known for its technological advances, night markets, and contemporary buildings.

Travel Documents

A valid passport is required to participate in this program. If you are a U.S. citizen, you are required to obtain a visa to enter Taiwan. For all other nationalities, please check with your government and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO)’s website for complete visa information. More information regarding the visa application process is available upon acceptance to the program.

Application Availability

Applications become available online one semester before the program start date, based on the following timeline:

  • Spring/Winter/Spring Break programs: July
  • Fall/Year/Summer programs: December

Academic Year 2018/19 

Program Dates

Academic Year 2018-2019

September to June 

Fall 2018

September to January

Spring 2019

February to June

About the Program

National Central University (NCU) is a public university in Taiwan that aims to “lead faculty and students to create a learning environment with both strong humanistic concerns and academic research, to provide students with global vision and diverse learning experiences, and to become one of the world’s top universities with unique characteristics.” NCU was founded in Nanjing, China in 1915 as the leading academic center in Southeast China, and was later re-established in Taiwan in 1962. NCU is ranked among the top 5 global university in Taiwan, and a top 50 university worldwide for international collaboration by U.S. News & World Report.

The University at Albany’s exchange affiliation with National Central University allows students to study Chinese language and take courses in a variety of Asian Studies related fields that are taught in English. This opportunity is intended for students who are interested in developing Chinese language skills and in pursuing in-depth study of subjects related to Taiwan.

Program Orientations

Upon acceptance to the program, you will be required to attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation. During this time, you will have the opportunity to meet other program participants, discuss in-depth the details of your program, and prepare of the overall education abroad experience. The fall semester pre-departure orientation will be conducted the Saturday before the end of Spring UAlbany classes and in late November/early December for the spring term abroad.

Upon arrival at National Central University, you will attend a mandatory program orientation. This is an important and informative set of sessions organized by International Office of your host university.

Support Services

UAlbany’s Office of Education Abroad staff assists you during the application process, in your preparation to travel abroad, and on-site if necessary.

National Central University’s International Office staff serve as an experienced resource for resolving issues that you may encounter in while abroad.