Intern in Tokyo with The Intern Group (Summer)

  • Tokyo, Japan

The University at Albany, SUNY continues to monitor and assess the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus pandemic. While there are no definite answers on when education abroad programming may resume, our dedicated Education Abroad team is ready and available to assist and guide you! Please begin an application for your program of choice so we can work together to plan your future.

Golden Temple - Kyoto, Japan
Hikone Castle - Hikone, Shiga Prefecture
Golden Temple - Kyoto, Japan
Hikone Castle - Hikone, Shiga Prefecture
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  • UAlbany students, come intern with The Intern Group in Tokyo, Japan! This is an excellent opportunity for UAlbany Global Distinction candidates who are studying the Japanese language and Japanese or East Asian Studies.
  • Complete a leading international internship in Tokyo. The Intern Group's personalized process ensures that you will be interning in the industry sector of your choice, in a role that is tailored to your professional goals. 
  • An international internship makes your resume stand out. As one of millions of young people applying for their first job, you need to find a way to jump off the page! An internship in Japan’s busiest city will make you stand out. 
  • Make friends and professional networks in Tokyo and from all over the world! 
  • Have an amazing life experience in Asia! Moving to a new place can be unsettling. That is why The Intern Group team is there to give you support 24/7. 
  • The program also includes your accommodation, visa assistance, professional development workshops, social events, access to Talk Space, and a one-on-one career coaching session when you finish the program. 

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  • Tokyo

Program Term

  • Summer

Language of Instruction

  • A language other than English may frequently be used
  • English
  • Japanese

Internship Opportunity

  • Yes!

Program Details

Academic Program

The Intern Group offers first-class internships across all career fields, year round. placing talented international participants in internships in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and Latin America. The Intern Group is regularly featured in the world’s top media, including CNN, Time, WSJ and Forbes. UAlbany is pleased to offer 8-week summer internships in Tokyo to Global Distinction candidates and other UAlbany and SUNY students, particularly those planning to work in Japan. 

Course Descriptions and Syllabi

Students eager to gain hands-on experience in their field abroad should look no further than Tokyo. The Intern Group offers successful applicants the opportunity to gain invaluable professional experience in one the world’s most dynamic cities. Professional experience in Tokyo will allow you to expand your network of international contacts and to enhance your career prospects, all while exploring one of the world’s most intriguing cities. 

Thanks to The Intern Group’s partnerships with a range of companies, organizations, and NGOs, your international internship program will boost your professional development. Whether you’re interested in Entrepreneurship or Engineering, The Intern Group offers professional opportunities for a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels. 

Review The Intern Group: Internship in Japan for more information regarding program offerings and placement options.

You will earn 8 credits for an 8-week internship (1 credit/week) after successful completion of an online internship reflection course (GEB3000: International Internship Program via The Intern Group) offered by Florida A&M University. Grading is Pass/Fail.

From the course syllabus: “This course is designed to assist, enhance, and monitor a student’s progress while completing an international experiential learning assignment. The course consists of an international internship role; related sessions and materials delivered in the internship city; and an online component through the course management system. At the conclusion of this course, it is expected that the student will have cultivated a higher level of professional and career development, critical thinking skills, global and cultural awareness, communication skills, and teamwork skills; and the ability to apply all of these to future professional and educational opportunities.”

If you want to improve your Japanese language skills, you can sign up for small-group evening lessons or private lessons, on your own schedule and at your own expense.  

General Education Information for UAlbany Students

Credits earned on this program will automatically satisfy the International Perspectives requirement. 

Major/Minor Information for UAlbany Students

Courses may also satisfy major and minor requirements, upon approval by the department.


All courses taken abroad count towards UAlbany General Elective credits. Credits and grades will appear on your UAlbany transcript. You may file a request to have additional courses approved for equivalency as necessary. 


You will have your own private bedroom in a shared apartment with fellow international interns or young professionals. All apartments are equipped with bedding, basic cooking utensils, and Wi-Fi. You will be located within a maximum of one hour commute to your internship.


Although meals are not included in the program, you will have access to a kitchen where you can cook with fellow interns and roommates. Throughout the city of Tokyo, there are many affordable restaurants and food carts that serve delicious and varied cuisine.


Review this program’s Estimate of Costs.  Note, there may be several tabs in the Estimate of Costs. Please be sure that you are reviewing the tab for your anticipated location.


The program charge includes an internship placement in your first or second choice of career field, accommodation, visa assistance, cultural and social activities, professional development workshops, access to Talk Space, transportation, and a one-on-one career coaching session.

More Information

Click for more information on Program Costs and Financial Aid.

Remember to speak with the Office of Financial Aid at your home campus to determine how your aid package could apply towards your program abroad.

Academic Requirements

Applicants must be UAlbany or SUNY students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and have accumulated at least 24 college-level credits before the start of their international internship. Before applying, please check the UAlbany Education Abroad Subject fields to ensure that The Intern Group offers an internship in your future career field in Tokyo. 

Experiential Learning

The Intern Group’s full-time local team in Tokyo knows the city inside out and will show you the best of it. The Tokyo internship program includes the following events, free of charge for all participants:

  • Mt Fuji Day Trip: enjoy a fully-guided day trip to the famous Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi and Mount Komagatake and see the stunning Japanese landscape in a deluxe coach. Marvel at the grandeur of this UNESCO-listed site and discover its cultural importance among the Japanese people.
  • Tokyo Tower: a trip to the top of one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks, followed by a meal in a famous restaurant nearby.
  • Tsukiji market tour and Sushi workshop: tour the best sushi neighborhood in the world. Learn the arts of Japanese sushi from a master sushi chef and capture the very essence of Edo-mae cuisine.
  • Japanese food tour: enjoy 7+ mouth-watering Japanese food tastings and discover the hidden gems in Izakaya. Taste the classic Japanese experience as you journey through Tokyo’s busiest area in Shinjuku.

Funding Opportunities

Most financial aid and academic awards will apply to semester programs.

External scholarships, listed on our website, are a good way to partially fund your study abroad experience. In addition, the Center for International Education and Global Strategy offers two scholarship programs for UAlbany students studying abroad on UAlbany or 4-year SUNY programs.

More information on applying to these scholarships is located on the Scholarships web page. Pay special attention to the new Great Dane Internship Scholarship.

The Intern Group also offers various funding opportunities listed on their Financing web page, including financial aid, grants and scholarship resources. 

  • UAlbany students receive a $300 USD discount towards any program with The Intern Group
  • Pell Grant-eligible students will receive a $500 discount, courtesy of The Intern Group.
  • You can also receive $300 USD for referring a friend to the program and $1,000 for referring your sibling to the program.
  • Check The Intern Group’s financing page to see if you’re eligible for any other honor society discount.
  • Global Distinction candidates are eligible to apply for a partial flight voucher.

In Their Own Words

“Simply put, my decision to complete an internship with the Intern Group after graduating from university was the best decision I ever made. From the organized and efficient application process to my amazing and ever-entertaining program coordinators – it was a truly unforgettable experience. 

I was placed at a travel and technology start-up company that from the get go set me interesting tasks and exciting responsibilities. Not only did I learn valuable and transferable skills but was able to make professional connections to help my long term career. Of course, what made my time even more special were the people I met, from those I worked with, to my fellow interns with whom I’ve made hilarious memories and lasting friendships. 

So, for anyone looking for the adventure of a lifetime and the opportunity to gain work experience whilst travelling, then I not only recommend The Intern Group but actively encourage you to apply!”

Elena, Communications major

Program Advisor

Richie, Annette

About the City

If there’s one word to describe Tokyo, it’s futuristic. From its high-speed trains to its animal cafes, Tokyo is constantly inspiring the rest of the world with its innovation. From a gastronomy perspective, Tokyo also takes the prize for having the world’s best culinary scene. International interns in Tokyo can spend their days building their CV, their nights trying new food, and their weekends climbing mountains or visiting ancient temples. 

On a global scale, Tokyo is a hub for commerce, finance, engineering, communications and innovation. It’s an entrepreneur’s dream. Alongside London and New York, the city has been described as one of the world’s three “command centers” where companies like Sony, Canon, and Honda call home. Tokyo is full of diverse opportunities across all career fields, making it the perfect destination for an internship abroad. 

Travel Documents

A valid passport is required to participate in this program. More information regarding the visa application process is available upon acceptance to the program. While The Intern Group provides advising, students are responsible for acquiring and paying for their own visa. For more eligibility-related questions, please refer to the Eligibility section on The Intern Group’s website. 

Application Availability

Applications become available online one semester before the program start date, based on the following timeline:

  • Summer programs: December

Program Dates

06/06/2020 to 07/31/2020


About the Program

Your internship program includes an internship placement in your first or second-choice of career field, accommodation, visa assistance, cultural and social activities, professional development workshops, access to Talk Space, transportation, and a one-on-one career coaching session.

Program Orientations

Upon acceptance to the program, you will be required to attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation. During this time, you will have the opportunity to meet other program participants, discuss in-depth the details of your program, and prepare for the overall education abroad experience. The summer semester pre-departure orientation will be conducted the week before the end of Spring UAlbany classes.

Upon arrival in Tokyo, you will attend a mandatory orientation. This is an important and informative set of sessions organized by The Intern Group.

Support Services

UAlbany’s Office of Education Abroad staff assists you during the application process, in your preparation to travel abroad, and on-site if necessary. The Intern Group also provides you with access to a licensed online therapist for up to 3 months using Talk Space. The Intern Group’s staff serve as an experienced resource for resolving issues that you may encounter while abroad.