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Aarhus University

  • Aarhus, Denmark
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Aarhus University's main campus is in the city of Aarhus, in the centrally located University Park. AU a leading public research university with international impact across the entire research spectrum, and is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city, and by far the youngest measured in terms of the average age of its inhabitants. With its more than 40,000 students, Aarhus University adds to the youthful and exciting vibrancy of the city, where the ten-story futuristic art museum is just a stone’s throw from the cozy cafés in the old part of town. You will find beach, harbour and forests within a 15-minute bike ride, and concerts, shopping and nightlife within walking distance. Go to Denmark and meet real GREAT DANES! 

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Aarhus University


  • Aarhus

Program Term

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  • Spring

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  • Danish
  • English

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Program Details

Academic Program

You can study at Aarhus University either for one or two semesters. The university offers more than 1000 courses taught in English each year, within the four faculties of Arts, Science and Technology, Health, and Business and Social Sciences, at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Credits at Aarhus are not the same as credits at UAlbany. A 5 credit (ECTS) course at Aarhus is a 3 credit course at UAlbany.

Course Descriptions and Syllabi

By exploring the course catalogue online, you can sort by topic area, term, language and more.  You can also do a simple search by name of the class. 

Review Aarhus University’s website for more information regarding course offerings.

General Education Information for UAlbany Students

Credits earned on this program will automatically satisfy the International Perspectives requirement. Three credits of foreign language study will satisfy the Foreign Language requirement. No additional approval is required for you to earn these general elective credits.

Major/Minor Information for UAlbany Students

Courses may also satisfy major and minor requirements, upon approval by the department.


All courses taken abroad count towards UAlbany General Elective credits. Credits and grades will appear on your UAlbany transcript. You may file a request to have additional courses approved for equivalency as necessary. 

Your Instructors

Your courses are taught by local faculty.


Aarhus University offers housing services to all exchange students. A range of accommodation possibilities are available, including student residences, shared-facilities houses or private housing. For deadlines and conditions of housing, please check the housing section on the website for exchange students.

Housing is guaranteed for UAlbany Students!

Here is more Practical Information about housing. You can also lean more about living in Aarhus



There are many places to eat on and near campus. There is no meal plan with this program. 

Estimate of Costs

Denmark Aarhus Estimate of Costs Exchange 2019-20 

More Information

Click for more information on Program Costs and Financial Aid.

Remember to speak with the Office of Financial Aid at your home campus to determine how your aid package could apply towards your program abroad.

Here are some Recommendations on Banking and Finance from Student Life at Aarhus

Academic Requirements

Juniors, seniors, exceptional sophomores, and graduate students are eligible to participate. Applications are welcome from students in all majors. 3.0 GPA is highly recommended. Contact us if you are interested in this program but do not have a 3.0GPA.

Here is more information on: preparing for your application for Aarhus University. The Aarhus University Application Process is outlined online as well. You should review this in detail. You will need a copy of your passport and official transcript in PDF for both Ualbany and Aarhus University. 

You will need to complete a host university application for Aarhus University AFTER your UAlbany study abroad application is complete.

Note: This program is open ONLY to UAlbany students and non-SUNY students. Students from other SUNY schools should contact SUNY Brockport or Buffalo State. 

Experiential Learning

Aarhus University is a lively and modern university which collaborates with the business community, cultural centers and other universities around the world. This creates an international atmosphere and a wide range of opportunities for professional and international collaboration.

The attractive study environment characterized by the unique campus situated in the beautiful University Park, the international atmosphere with more than 4000 international students, the proximity to the city center and the many academic and social activities on offer, provides the best surroundings for life as a student at Aarhus University.

Aarhus University hosts a number of events throughout the semester. Along with academic debates and lectures, ranging from local faculty level to university wide, AU also holds a number of social events for both international and Danish students throughout the year.

Take a look at what some of the more major social events are throughout the semester!

Student Clubs and Organizations

There are a number of clubs and organizations either through Aarhus University or through the community that you can become a part of, many of which operate in both Danish and English. In addition, volunteering is not only a great networking opportunity for you, but is also a great way for you to get to know native Danes and create a stronger connection with both Aarhus and Denmark.

Funding Opportunities

Most financial aid and academic awards will apply to semester programs.

External scholarships, listed on our website, are a good way to partially fund your study abroad experience. In addition, the Center for International Education and Global Strategy offers two scholarship programs for UAlbany students studying abroad on UAlbany or 4-year SUNY programs.

More information on applying to these scholarships is located on the Scholarships web page.

In Their Own Words

“Going to Aarhus was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is a beautiful and welcoming city in what I would say is an absolutely amazing country. Before arriving, I was not at all sure what to expect and although I didn’t have any expectations, Aarhus has exceeded anything I could have imagined. The city is vibrant, welcoming, and full of things to do. From museums to the deer park or biking around the city center to relaxing on the beach, there is always something to do and experience. The culture here is one of kindness and generosity. Everyone I have met has been friendly and always willing to help, all you have to do is remember to ask! The Danes live by the idea that you are not better than anyone else and it is looked down on if someone flaunts around their successes which aids in their welcoming nature. Another part of the Danish culture I have grown extremely accustomed to is that of ‘hygge’. This is something that can’t be explicitly captured in words, it is a feeling – it is sitting inside on a cold night watching a movie or laughing with friends, it is going to a campfire on a warm night just alongside the beach. Hygge is a state of mind and something you can only begin to understand when you experience it. I was frightened by the thought of coming to a new country where I wouldn’t know anyone, wouldn’t know the local language, or the local culture. This fear almost stopped me from applying and again almost stopped me from coming. I am extremely grateful that I didn’t let my fear stop me, because I have learned so much about myself and experienced incredible things throughout my time here. This trip has been an eye-opening and a once in a lifetime experience. I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything, and if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing. Aarhus, and Denmark, will forever have a piece of my heart.” – Casey Pav, Psychology Major, Criminal Justice Minor

Check out more student testimonials online!

Program Advisor

Curry, Mark

About the City

What’s it like living in Denmark?

Welcome to the country of “the happiest people in the world”. Numerous international studies place Danish inhabitants at the top of happiness and general satisfaction rankings. This apparent satisfaction with life is often credited to ‘soft factors’ – culture, leisure time and family life – as opposed to ‘hard values’ such as money or material wealth.

Located in the southernmost part of Scandinavia, Denmark is the gateway between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. Denmark is a coastal country with long white beaches. The landscape is mostly flat with rolling hills, green fields and woods. Because of the flat landscape, the bicycle is the preferred means of urban transportation.

More information on: Living in Denmark.

Travel Documents

A valid passport is required to participate in this program. You will need a residence permit for this program. More information regarding the visa application process is available upon acceptance to the program.

Application Availability

Applications become available online one semester before the program start date, based on the following timeline:

  • Spring programs: July
  • Fall/Year programs: December

Program Dates

Fall 2019

Late August to Late January

Spring 2020

Late January to Late June

More information about the: Academic Calendar. Note that dates are approximate and will depend on the courses you select. Each Faculty has different arrival, semester and exam dates. Please do NOT book flights until you have finalized your dates after admission to the program. 

About the Program

Aarhus University is a young, modern university established in 1928. It has grown to become a leading public research university with international reach covering the entire research spectrum. Aarhus University plays a decisive – and essential – role at the hub of the city of Aarhus. Aarhus University’s main campus is located in the city of Aarhus. Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city and the youngest measured in terms of the average age of its inhabitants, which is far lower than anywhere else in the country. Aarhus University alone has 40,000 students. This gives the city a youthful and exciting vibrancy of its very own. The city has a reputation for education and training – a brand that extends well beyond the borders of Denmark. It is a lively, modern university, which collaborates with the business community, with cultural centers and with other universities throughout the world.

Top reasons to choose Aarhus University

Check out the digital brochure here. And a digital fact sheet provides a lot of useful information all in one place!

Note: This program is open ONLY to UAlbany students and non-SUNY students. Students from other SUNY schools should contact SUNY Brockport or Buffalo State. 

Program Orientations

Upon acceptance to the program, you will be required to attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation. During this time, you will have the opportunity to meet other program participants, discuss in-depth the details of your program, and prepare of the overall education abroad experience. The fall semester pre-departure orientation will be conducted the Saturday before the end of Spring UAlbany classes and in late November/early December for the spring term abroad.

Upon arrival at Aarhus you will attend a mandatory program orientation. This is an important and informative set of sessions organized by International Office of your host university.

Support Services

UAlbany’s Office of Education Abroad staff assists you during the application process, in your preparation to travel abroad, and on-site if necessary. Aarhus’s International Office staff serve as an experienced resource for resolving issues that you may encounter in while abroad.