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Your finances must meet certain standards in order for UAlbany to issue you visa support.

Academic Year 2017/18

Under this exchange agreement, UAlbany tuition and fees are waived.  You are liable for all other expenses, including mandatory health insurance and the SEVIS I-901 fee.?

Undergraduate Costs

  • Semester:  $ 8,821.50
  • Academic Year:  $ 17,878.80

Graduate Costs

  • Semester:  $8,821.50
  • Academic Year:  $17,878.80

View the Academic Year 2017/18 Estimate of Costs.

The UAlbany exchange program receives students for semester or year-long exchange from our partner universities.

To study at UAlbany as an exchange student, your home university must select and recommend you.  Exchange students receive academic and social support from the Center for International Education & Global Strategy (CIEGS).  

English Language Requirement

Your skills in English must be high enough to take regular classes taught in English. You must meet one of UAlbany’s English proficiency requirements to attend the University as an exchange student:
  • TOEFL: 70 / 523 pbt
  • IELTS: 6.0 
  • ELS 112
  • Completion of the UAlbany IELP program
If your English skills are not strong enough to attend regular classes, you should consider enrolling in UAlbany’s Intensive English Language (IELP) Program

I have been selected by my home campus, now what?

If you are selected by your home campus, you must apply to UAlbany using the special forms and procedures designed for exchange students.  To be admitted, your application must be processed by the Education Abroad Office which is part of the Center for International Education & Global Strategy at UAlbany. Do not apply directly to either the Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions Offices. 

How long am I allowed to stay at UAlbany as an exchange student?

Your home campus will determine how many semesters you may attend UAlbany as an exchange student. If your university does not object you may choose to remain at UAlbany longer at your own cost, as a visiting student. Please note:

  1. Some departments and schools at UAlbany have partnership agreements that are not managed by the Center for International Education & Global Strategy;
  2. If there is no agreement between your university and UAlbany you may still be able to study here as a visiting “study abroad” student.



“My experience here at the University at Albany has been one of the most revitalizing and invigorating experiences. Coming here my expectations were muddled, I was anxious about the educational system, the people and the lifestyle. However, being here for over 8 months I now consider it a home for me, so much so that I have extended my visa for another work. Being an exchange student for one year gave me opportunities and support that was incredible. My family originated from Punjab India, and I am the second generation to be born in the United Kingdom. Both my mother and father were encouraged to work straight out of school and are now self-employed, they did not make it past the earliest stages of school. Being the oldest of four children it was an achievement in itself that I was the first in the family to make it to University. I truly enjoyed every moment of UAlbany.”

Academic year exchange student from Scotland, University of Glasgow

Program Advisor